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Climbing, Climbing

20 Feb

Gherkins climbing

I love plants that climb. Beans, cucumbers, passionfruit – I love them all. I find it amazing to watch how they send their little tendrils out and grip on for dear life to whatever they can. At the moment my gherkins have exploded into rapid growth, and are climbing the trellice and an amazing rate. My passionfruit too have reached that point where they want to take to the skies, and quickly.

In the picture here you can see the baby cucumbers (gherkins) on the left, radishes below, and behind that are my edamame soybeans and some baby carrots. Behind in the distance is the dwarf banana.

I suspect that soon I am going to start seeing some flowers on the gherkin plants, and and that I better keep extending the trellice, because they will climb fast!

Vegetable leaf miner in my rocket ( I think)

It has also come to my attention lately that I have (what I think is) some vegetable leaf miner winding its way through some of my vegies. I wasn’t too worried about the radishes, but now they are enjoying themselves in my rocket. Not sure what to do about it.

In other news, the kaffir lime is in a whole lot of trouble…