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Claiming the front yard back for me

25 Feb

I worry too much about what other people think. So since we moved in I have been trying my best to maintain what we inherited. I have been carefully pruning the roses, watering the shrubs and asking P to mow and edge the lawn regularly. Living in a street full of older folk, they see everything and most people are quite ‘house proud’. If you don’t mow your lawn often enough, you feel like you are letting the team down.

Yesterday I came to the realisation that I don’t actually like the carpet roses in the raised garden bed along the front of our block. They are sprawling, spiky and jump out to get the kids when they play. They grow vigorously and need to be pruned back hard in the winter, and then need to be disposed of in green waste, because I don’t want to spread fungal disease through the rest of the garden. The garden bed that they occupy is 10 metres x 1 metre. That’s 10 square metres of well-drained, full-sun receiving soil that I could use for vegetables.

Now I hesitate here because I know what people think about growing vegetables in the front yard. They’re ugly! I disagree. People will steal your vegetables! Actually, I don’t think they will. You can’t grow vegetables in the front yard!

Watch me.