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Out with the old

27 Feb

I spoke to a few people over the weekend about my front yard vegetable plans. I chatted to a couple of neighbours (who clearly think I’m loony), and my sister, who thinks I should reconsider.

Half of the carpet roses are now pruned back to stumps

I’m determined though, and when the (sick, grumpy) kids went down for their nap today, P and and I got stuck into the carpet rose bed. I hacked away with the shears while P fed the prunings (very slowly) into the mulcher. We got about halfway through before the kids woke up again. The green waste bin was full anyway, so we’ll have to leave the rest till next weekend. I’m still considering what to do with the roses themselves – there is at least 20 of them, so maybe ebay? Drop me a line if you want any.

In preparation for the new vegie garden, I went to Bunnings and bought 10 bags of cow manure. I was very proud that I managed to get 250 litres of cow manure into the car all by myself, but I’m not sure that the car is ever going to smell the same.┬áNow that I can see the state of the soil in the carpet rose bed, I can tell it is going to need it.

Around the rest of the garden, I haven’t had any more possum issues since I dropped the sides of the tomato cage. Also, my mulberries are starting to ripen – that’s the last of the dwarf trees in the bonsai bags in the photo above. Oh – and can you see how dead our front lawn is? We need some decent rain!