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Attack of the aphids

9 Mar

Aphid infestation on my radish leaves

I had a few aphids on my radishes. Since they are radishes (and the good bit is underground), I figured I’d just live with them and see if the beneficial insects would control them. That was a mistake – the population has exploded, and is now overtaking the gherkin/cucumber that is growing above them too.

Aphids on my cucumber

I did a bit of a search about organic aphid control, and was convinced that I could control them effectively with a tomato leaf spray. This is basically several cups of chopped up tomato leaves steeped overnight in water, then strained and sprayed over the aphids. I gave it a try, but I don’t think I used enough tomato leaf for the quantity of water, becauase I could almost hear the aphids laughing at me. I came back later with a bit of pyrethrum and sprayed one leaf with it. Those aphids weren’t laughing.

I’ll try again over the weekend with some more tomato leaf spray, but I’m mighty tempted by the pyrethrum.


The rest of the garden is going pretty swimmingly. My first batch of green bush beans are just reaching full production, my silverbeet still looks wonderful and glossy, my tomatoes seem to be resisting the possums and birds, and the edamame soybeans are in full flower and just about to set their pods. My dwarf banana is surging upwards at an amazing rate – I hope to get fruit next summer.

My new garden bed along the front yard is 20% prepared and planted out, and I’ve packed it to the brim with brassicas, various onions and leafy winter crops. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to prepare the rest of the bed over the weekend and get it planted out soon. Can’t wait to get the peas and broad beans happening!