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What’s wrong with my apple?

29 Mar

My apple leaves are going brown

The leaves on my apple are going brown. I know apples are deciduous, but I’m not sure that’s what’s happening. I don’t want to plant this one out if it’s going to spread some nasty infection to my other apple tree.


In other news, my delivery of garlic and seeds from the Diggers Club has gone missing in the post, so today J and I planted the 2 bulbs of organic garlic (the ones I was keeping just in case I thought I needed more) under the roses as planned. The two bulbs were only enough for under two of the roses, so when the others turn up (hopefully), I can plant the rest out under the others. It really is going to look very strange, but hey – with the amount of sudden impact and lucerne mulch that those spiky blighters get fed, they really need to give something back 🙂