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7 May

Blueberry flowers forming

It’s mid Autumn. The nights are getting chilly, but it wasn’t too long ago that I was running the air conditioner overnight just so we could sleep.

So why exactly is my blueberry flowering?

I have two blueberries – they are Nellie Kelly, which is just a branding of the Sunshine Blue variety. One of them has definite flowers forming, and the other one looks like it isn’t far behind. Now I was under the impression that blueberries are a summer fruit, but after seeing these flowers I read up a little. Apparently they are supposed to flower in winter and fruit in Spring to Summer. I guess it’ll be more like Spring than Summer.

Early stage blueberry flower

I think that our unseasonably cold nights are affecting the garden in other ways too. While wandering around this morning I took particular notice of my Phalaenopsis orchids. I bought these to pretty up our apartment when we sold it last year. I repotted them into some nice white pots from Ikea, and they looked fabulous with their amazing white blooms that lasted months. They now live in my shadehouse, and are putting out new roots like crazy and looking like they are going to escape. I have always held onto the hope that they will rebloom at some stage, but I’m not normally very good at executing that type of thing.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

When looking closely at one of these little guys today, I saw it has set out a growth. Now it could be a new root, but I think (with fingers crossed) that could be a flower spike. Squeal!

Dare I hope?

Phalaenopsis Orchid Flower Spike - maybe.