Without even trying

8 May

Self seeded tomato

So far this year I have failed miserably at growing tomatoes from seed. I planted all of the winter tomatoes from Burke’s Backyard magazine, and sowed a bunch of San Marzanos too. I’ve managed to kill every. single. one.

And yet, random tomatoes seem to be springing up everywhere like weeds.

They seem to be springing up along the path between where my tomatoes were growing and the huge lilli pilli tree where the possums live, so I assume that they must be seeds scattered by the possums when raiding my tomatoes over summer. So I think I might try carefully digging them out and replanting them in pots. The tomatoes were hybrids, so any fruit is likely to be unpredictable, but in my book, any tomato is a good thing.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. I was lucky to be presented with a garden cultivator this morning, all wrapped up by the kids and P. I’m surprised they didn’t manage to impale themselves while wrapping it.

Also, and I’m very excited about this – I scored a ticket to this. It’s a workshop run by Milkwood Permaculture on how to grow mushrooms in your backyard. As exciting as my mushroom growing kit  is, growing oyster and shiitake mushrooms in more natural environments (like my backyard) sounds like an awesome new challenge! Anyone else interested in coming along too? There’s still space in the class!

Oh, and thanks to Jo from Every day in the garden for bringing the workshop to my attention.

2 Responses to “Without even trying”


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    […] update on my tomato projects. On the left of this picture are the repotted tomato mutants that popped up randomly in the yard. They are growing well, and I might need to transplant them […]

  2. The folly of self-seeded tomatoes « 500m2 in Sydney - September 29, 2011

    […] noticed them growing. It’s so tempting just to pot them up and let them go, which is what I did in May this year, and what Ali did earlier this year […]

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