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Slug hunter, extraordinaire

10 May

Slug hunter

Little D can scout out anything edible (or not) on the floor, so I thought I’d take him out slug hunting this evening. We had a blast with the LED headlamp, and thankfully he didn’t find any.

I’ve been having terrible trouble with the slugs lately due to the copious rain and the heavy mulch I’ve used on the front bed.

I’ve tried to be pragmatic with my organic ambitions and use up the nasty chemicals first before buying organic alternatives. So I broke out some snail pellets recently in a last-ditch effort to protect my womboks, which are looking pretty manky inside. Slug poo in my stir fry gives even me the heebie jeebies, and it takes a lot to faze me.

So once the nasty chemicals are gone, I’m onto iron chelates-based snail pellets and beer traps. That and Little D.