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Betty Botter bought some better butter – from Aldi

13 May

Aldi's Organic Butter - more value than meets the eye*

I’ve decided that organic dairy is important for my family, yet at more than $5.00 per stick organic butter has become a luxury.

I’ve been trying to minimise my biscuit making (which J loves), and homemade baked goods in general are really expensive. A tray of baklava may cost me a second mortgage as well as a coronary.

So I was overjoyed to hear from my friend Sarah this week that Aldi have a growing range of organic foods.

Here’s a selection of some of the more exciting staples:

Butter (250g) – $2.69

Diced or Whole peeled tomatoes (400g) – $1.29

Organic, Fairtrade Chocolate (100g in dark or milk) – $1.99

Pasta Sauce (500g) – $2.69

Tomato Paste (140g) – $0.99

Spaghetti (500g) – $1.79

These are certified organic, and so much cheaper.

*If you look carefully, the butter even comes with a really helpful serving suggestion