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Winter tomatoes for stupid-heads

16 May

I love many things about cold weather. Each year as the mercury drops I look forward to warm clothing, thick doonas, roaring fires and lamb stew. On the other hand, I miss fresh tomatoes terribly.

Stupice tomato seeds

In frost-free climates like mine it should be technically possible to grow tomatoes year-round. You just need to get your hands on the right variety.

I’ve done a bit of research, and decided that the Stupice variety might be the go. Apparently you pronounce it stoo-peech-ka, and it’s cold-hardy, produces small, flavour-packed fruit, and as a bonus – it’s name gives the impression that even an imbecile can grow it.

Suits me well huh?

So, I’ve probably left it a bit late (again), but I’ve sowed them and popped them in the greenhouse. If they’re too slow, then maybe I’ll get some early tomatoes in September, but I’ll most likely have killed them by then.

Stupid tomatoes.

My greenhouse (in May)