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Things that hide in the dark

19 May

Turnip de Nancy

I love spending time in the garden at night. Things that you overlook in the day suddenly catch your interest in the differing contrast of torch light.

This evening I had a wander in the front yard and some turnips caught my eye. These are the Turnip de Nancy variety from the Diggers Club, and they grow extremely quickly. Unlike a lot of other root vegetables they sit above the soil line, and their fabulous purple screams look at me! If you ever want to feel like a gardening guru, pull up a bunch of these babies.

Slug Invader

The primary purpose of my night wandering is again to hunt for my nemesis. Nemesises? Nemisi?

The blasted slugs.

We had rain last night, so everything is still quite damp. Sure enough, I caught a couple of the little blighters munching on the leaves of my swedes.

Distracted by the slugs, I missed the amazing thing about this sight – the really shocking thing lurking in the dark. It was there, waiting to be discovered when I looked really carefully.

Wait for it…

I have coriander!

Sneaky coriander