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Satisfaction in smooshing stuff

21 May

Cutting down the green manure

Remember when you were a kid, and the best thing about building a sandcastle was jumping on it at the end?

That’s how I feel about green manure.

I planted it, I cared for it, I even defended it against judgmental comments.

Today, it met the whipper snipper.

Hi”  it said.

“Pleased to meet yarrgghh…..”.

Help with digging in the green manure

It really was that satistfying- cutting down something I’d grown especially for the purpose. P cut it down for me and dug it into the soil, little D helped with the digging, and J enthusiastically swept up at the end.

While my little family was doing all the hard work, I planted out my leek, red onion and spinach seedlings from the greenhouse. That fills the last gap in Bed A along the front. It is now officially jam packed full of vegetables.

Chinese broccoli harvest

For dinner tonight I cooked some of the chinese broccoli (Gai lan) from Bed A. I really can’t describe just how much better it was than store-bought. It was better than good- it was perfect. I even defended its ego by not offering it to the children.

P and I kept it all to ourselves. Every. Last. Leaf.