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Insert bad fungus pun here

22 May

Time for an update on my mushroom growing kit.

I swear – I could have been harvesting several days ago. That is, if I hadn’t ‘sampled’ the first flush when it was about the size of a pea.

Must. Exercise. Self. Control.

J with the mushroom kit

We’ve been misting the kit with water every day and making sure the spare room stays nice and cold. Yesterday (after the green manure slaying), we pulled the box out of the wardrobe. We’d been peeking fairly regularly, so we knew that we were ready to pick a small crop. The kids could hardly wait.

Swiss brown mushrooms deveoping

The mushrooms seem to be springing up mainly from the corners and edges of the box. I can see others forming in other areas, so I’m pretty confident that we’ll get them all over eventually.

Ali from Mud Pie┬áhas one of these kits too. She started hers a few days before mine, and she’s weighing the mushies as she picks them. I think I’ll do the same, because it appeals to my competitive spirit. Why do I have a competitive spirit when I never win at anything? You’d think my spirit would have been crushed already, but no, I just keep on trying despite my incompetence!

First mushroom harvest

So, after picking the decent-sized ones, we have 4 mushrooms weighing 145 grams. That makes it the second largest fungal growth in our household behind the one in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator.

Sorry – that was in Spore taste.