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A break in the weather

31 May

Front veggie bed, May 30th

The rain stopped long enough (albeit briefly) today for me to head out and look over the front garden. Most of it is looking dense and bushy, apart from the gap where I’ve just planted the leeks and onions.

I’m particularly excited by the globe artichokes at the very left of this picture – I can’t wait till spring or summer, when I hope they will crop. I’ve read about artichokes not producing until the second year, but I’ve been standing over them like a Tiger Mom, so I hope they’ve got the message. The Azalea sitting right next to them is testament to the dangers of being unproductive.

Broccoli is getting there

I’m very proud of my brassicas, and my broccoli in particular. These guys are testament to the power of the ‘hunt and squish’ method of white cabbage butterfly control.  I just kept on observing the nibble marks each day and squishing the culprits until caterpillar genocide was achieved.

I love watching broccoli grow, but they do take up a lot of room for a single head. I might have to eat the leaves and stalks too, just so I get a bit of value out of the space. I’m certainly glad I took advantage of their slower growth and grew womboks in between while they were still little. The strategy has worked a treat.

Almost a cabbage

The cabbages are also making steady progress, although I’ve been pondering a cabbage-related question that is alluding me. Where do the hearts come from? I assume they are not growing from the inside out, with new leaves forming on the inside of the head. I also don’t think the very outside leaves are curling in. So are the new ones coming from somewhere in between?

Thinking too hard about cabbages hurts my brain.

Tomato experiments

An update on my tomato projects. On the left of this picture are the repotted tomato mutants that popped up randomly in the yard. They are growing well, and I might need to transplant them into separate pots soon. On the right is the only surviving cutting from my mini romas over summer. They are flowering now, so hopefully I’l be back in tomatoes real soon!

Rose - Diana, Princess of Wales

My roses look fabulous on rainy days.  One of my favourites is Diana, Princess of Wales. The plant itself is the sickliest of my roses, but the few flowers I do get are spectacular.

The main game in the rose bed is (of course) the garlic underneath. It’s growing steadily and I’m really hopeful. With the amount I’ve planted I’ll be keeping all family and friends supplied for the whole year – so keep your fingers crossed for me guys – your pasta sauce depends on it.

Rose bed with garlic