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I’ve been quiet – because my house looks like this!

6 Jun

Renovation - Day 4

I’ve been slightly distracted this week, caught in the flurry of live-in renovations.

It’s a bit hard to make out what is happening, but the baby gate you can see is doing a great job of of protecting little D from an utterly fascinating circular saw.

Baby Coriander

I thought I’d share a few images from garden even though I’m not getting much achieved.

My experimental coriander is growing nicely on the window sill.I love it how they turn to face the window, even when I turn the planter box round each evening. I’ve sown another lot of seeds so I can ensure a continuous supply, because the germination rate was pretty low.

Lemon flower bud

Project lemon is flowering enthusiastically and putting out new growth. I think I have about 20 flowers on there now.

I have a complete glut of turnips. Of all the things to have a glut of…