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I’ve never planned this far ahead

8 Jun

I’m a last-minute kinda girl. Every time I have a bad night with the kids, I get flashbacks in the morning to the many times I pulled an all-nighter during my uni days.

I guess I just work better under pressure.

Well it’s early June, and by my calculations summer is 175 days away. Just the time not to be planting strawberries on planet

Today my Hokowase patch kit arrived from the Diggers Club. I was actually wondering what I had ordered when I found the parcel this afternoon, because it was so small.

In the parcel was 20 bare-rooted strawberries and some black weed matting – all in a box about 15cm x 10cm x 10cm.

Strawberries poking through the weed mat

The instructions urged me to plant them immediately, so I got to work. I had some polystyrene boxes, so I filled them up with a mixture of bokashi compost and cow manure, then mulched with sugar cane. I planted the crowns (probably too densely), then stretched the weed matting over the top, cutting holes for the plant positions.

Baby Hokowase

I’ve watered them in well and placed them along the front garden bed.

Hurry up summer! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Hurry!

Did I mention I’m impatient too?