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An undisclosed side effect

19 Jun

I have the dreaded lurgy, and I swear it was caused by our renovations.

I have no kitchen you see, and as a result we are eating staggering amounts of take away and restaurant meals. Who goes to a restaurant and says “oh yes, give me the steamed vegetables and grilled fish, please?” It just doesn’t happen.

Over the past 24 hours I have eaten: Mcdonalds for breakfast, nothing much but carrot cake for lunch, and 2 Panadol, 2 Nurofen and some Sudafed for dinner.

No wonder I feel all shimmery.

On the positive side, the renovations are going swimmingly. The new tile floor is down, the plastering is mostly done, new skirting boards are mostly in place and the painter and carpet people are due to arrive over the next few days to measure and quote. I’m trying very hard not to think about the fact that we have spent almost double our budget. Double our budget.

It’s going to look fantastic.

Our builder is a magician. He speaks Chinese and I have no idea what he’s talking about, but he seems to understand me, so I’m ok with that. That and he’s finished his stuff in 10 days, despite a leaky roof and an ever-expanding scope of works. Did I also mention he’s cheap and reliable? If you need a builder in Sydney, give me a shout.

View to the kitchen area from the dining room. Structural stuff done, ready to paint

Now I know that this post is useless without pictures. As much as I would like to hold them back now until it’s all finished, August is a very long time to wait. Believe me, I know – that’s how long the kitchen company is going to take before installation. I’m going to be sick forever.