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I’m still alive! But about that mandarin…

8 Sep

I once was good at housework. It really was only once – it lasted about 6 months. I got onto the Flylady bandwagon, and I was spotless between the time J started crawling and when I fell pregnant with Little D. Then I puked constantly for 5 months and it all fell apart.┬áNow I live in a hovel.

And it was for this reason that I have neglected you all in blogland. The weather got warmer, I started wading my way out of my normal winter-induced malaise, and I realised just how much I had let the house go.

I know people sometimes say stuff like that, and you nod and think whatever… but I mopped the bathrooms the other day for the first time since we moved in. I really am that bad at housework. Much to P’s frustration, I fall into these funks where I literally don’t see the dirt. Maybe that’s why I like gardening so much – I get out of the revolting house, and I don’t get judged for the layer of grime.

Thankfully, I almost have my new kitchen too. It is pretty much all in apart from the splashbacks, so I’ll be ready to post photos in a couple of weeks when they arrive. I’ve been cooking away merrily and dishwashing with gusto!

The garden is going well. My fruit trees are flowering and setting fruit, my spring seedlings are ready to be planted out, and I’ve started already with the some of the warm soil things like cucumbers and melons.

I’m am however sad to report that my long-suffering dwarf Imperial mandarin finally gave up the ghost. I’ve replaced it with a lovely dwarf Japanese seedless mandarin, and I have high hopes for it.