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Looking at bees in a new light

18 Sep

I used to be wary of bees. A childhood sting taught me to steer clear, and when pain is involved I’m a very fast learner.

Why did I have that second child again?

Now as I attempt to grow food, bees really matter. For without bees, there’s little pollination.

When I walk past my broad beans I can often hear the buzz of bees at work, and I know that my plants will be setting lots of pods.

And I smile.

This year I have a lot invested in my fruit trees. They are all very young, and I’m desperate to get fruit off them, even if it’s only one piece. Just a promise for the future.

Everything has been in full flower – a glorious invitation. These apple blossoms were beautiful, along with the wonderfully fragrant citrus and stunning stone fruit. I must find more space somewhere for another stone fruit tree, because I think I’d grow them for the flowers alone.

But of all my trees, I am the most hopeful for the avocados. I have a Type A and Type B for pollination and they are covered in flowers, but I haven’t seen a bee within coo-ee of either.

I’m getting desperate. Today I even went out with a paintbrush.

I don’t think my little trees could support more than 2 or 3 avocados, so my requirements are small, but please…

At least one!

On each.