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Do I smell a strawberry conspiracy?

25 Sep

I love a good conspiracy theory. Did you know that the US Government conceals proof of aliens, that Barack Obama was actually born in Africa, and that global warming is just a fabrication of the world’s climate scientists?

Just kidding 🙂

But these theories really do capture the imagination. In fact a good friend of mine is looking forward to heaven almost as much because she’ll find out who shot JFK as the fact that she’ll be there with God.

Lyndon Johnson’s never really occupied that much of my thoughts personally…

Earlier this year I planted a Hokowase patch kit from the Digger’s Club.  It has started producing abundantly over the past week, and I’ve been picking about a punnet of strawberries every second day.

These strawberries are absolutely amazing – nothing like the crunchy, tasteless specimens you get from the supermarket. They are both ridiculously sweet and also amazingly soft. You can pick them half ripe and they still taste amazing.

There’s no way you could transport these things without them turning to mush before even reaching the supermarket shelf.

But the thing I find the most remarkable about these fruits is just how light they are. A punnet worth in size weighs about 125grams – half the weight of a supermarket variety.

So I must ask the question – are the supermarket strawberries just heavy, or are they pumped full of water to make them weigh more for sale?

It certainly explains why they taste like they do.