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The weirdest thing to grow in any garden (ever)

1 Nov

Well after a long break (more about that soon), finally an update on the garden.

So much has been happening that I’m not sure how to begin, but how about with what I found growing in the shadehouse over the weekend.

 This my friends, is a mushroom. Certainly not one that I will choose to eat, but apparently a type of stinkhorn fungus, and it isn’t likely to kill anyone. I have these things growing fairly prolifically in the leaf litter in the shadehouse. They are long, spongey in texture and don’t smell the best if you sink your nose into them.

If it wasn’t for their pong-iness, I might be tempted to make a bouquet.

So onto other red things growing in my garden – my early tomatoes have been a roaring success. These were the variety ‘Stupice’, and they have ripened beautifully over the past week.

This is the first one I picked, and there has been maybe 10 since. They are on the small side, and quite varied in shape, from this type, to smaller round ones and larger ‘bum shaped’ ones as my sister put it. The flavour is definitely better than the supermarket, but not what I would call fantastic. About what I expected from an early variety.

In addition to the earlys, I have about 20 other plants in large pots (Tigerella, Black Cherry, Grosse Lisse, Brandywine, Tommy Toe) and 12 San Marzano seedings still waiting to be planted out. My aim is to have more than I can possible deal with, then a huge late crop of San Marzanos for a monster batch of passata for bottling.

The tigerellas already have fruit!