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Not so simple Mondays

14 Nov

Barbara from The New Good Life blogs on Mondays in the theme Simple Mondays. I’m inspired by that, but it dawned on me that my Mondays are rarely simple!  They are hectic in a wonderful way, because a good friend of mine visits on Mondays.

She has a daughter who is exactly the same age as J, and a 4 month old son who’s exactly the same size as Little D. Actually, that’s a slight exaggeration seeing as Little D is about to turn 2, but the difference in size is remarkably small considering the age gap.

So we have two little girls with completely different personalities running about, yet they know each other so well that they are more like sisters.

Imagine the arguments!

To keep them entertained, we often do projects in the garden or the kitchen.

Today we made orange cupcakes, and inspired by Rhonda at Down to Earth, I pickled some beetroot.

Then after our friends went home, the kids were in the playroom (and quiet), when D came running out with black hands. Horrified, I followed him back with trepidation, where I found this!

What do you do when confronted with a sight like this? I had no idea what caused it, so I didn’t want to flush the toilet, only to find out that it was a ball point pen, which is now stuck in my plumbing.

So I did what a mother does, and plunged my hand into the abyss.

It could have been a giant squid, you know. A baby one – so frightened by D that he inked himself.

I was pretty brave, wasn’t I?

It was party streamers. Black, crepe party streamers – a whole roll.

Now my hand is black too. And I am soooo verryy tiiiirrrred.