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I may have just bought $200 of bacon…

21 Nov

Berkshire Pigs raised by Pasture Perfect Pork - Image from them.

You might remember reading my cranky rantings earlier in the year where I was frustrated by the lack of organic bacon.

I had discovered that Pasture Perfect Pork make this amazing chemical-nitrite-free bacon, and yet it wasn’t currently available.

Well it’s back! And I may or may not have just ordered $200 of it! They are having a limited offer where orders of $200 or more are delivered free within metro Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Bacon stores really well in the freezer, so buying in bulk is a great idea.

If you’re on facebook, you can see their page here, and they have a shop on the page where you can order their Christmas hams and bacon. Being pregnant, I’m giving the ham a miss this year, but next year, try and stop me!