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I’m losing control of the garden

22 Nov

We’ve had almost tropical weather in Sydney. It has been a strange mix of 30+ degrees, thunderstorms, then patches of set-in rain for days at a time. I’m trying really hard to keep control of the garden, but the lawn has gone balistic (almost as much as the weeds), and the back yard is scattered with random mess (mostly toys and leaves).

Over the next week or so we have so much on around the house. We have J’s 4th birthday on Thursday, two birthday celebrations on Saturday, then we have lunch guests on Sunday. The garden looks like a bomb hit it, and I really don’t have any time to do anything about it.

This endless rain and humidity is causing havoc with a lot of my veggies. My tomatoes are really not thriving – I think they are suffering from some fungal thing – much like the roses. This breaks my heart, because I really want them to succeed.  I think I may need to break out the dreaded tomato dust.

Very sad potato bed, with raspberries behind and corn interplanted

My potatoes (and beans) have been attacked by green caterpillars. They’ve even had a go at the raspberries- Is there anything that those things won’t eat? I fought back with some dipel, and that worked pretty well, but I think most of the damage was done. I’ve tried to salvage something from the situation by interplanting them with corn – even if the potatoes are a flop, hopefully the corn will do ok.

The side of the house is a total disaster. The broad beans have well and truly finished, but they still in the ground looking- well disgusting, frankly. Every time I get a few minutes to venture out I feel overwhelmed by everything required.

So this afternoon I went out and weeded the front yard, deadheaded the roses and pulled off all the blackspot-infected leaves. I pulled out the stupice tomatoes, which are finished now thanks to fungus, fruit fly and my lack of staking. I wonder how long it needs to stop raining before we can mow?

Next post – I promise optimism!