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Sunflower Sabotage!

5 Dec

What is it with sunflowers? They are so bright and happy, everyone loves them, and yet they bring out all the neighbourhood low-lifes. Poor Ali had all 6 of hers completely stolen (I assume destined for a vase), and today I went out to discover this!

I guess it could have been birds or something, but last night we had the street christmas party at our place, and there were heaps of kids running round. People were sending round the word that the party had been moved from the park to the “house with the sunflower”, so it certainly got a lot of attention. I saw it looking just fine at sundown, and yet this morning it looked like this.

Do you think this is the type of damage a bird could do?

I’m not convinced, but I hope I’m wrong.

In happy news, my apples are starting to ripen. I was surprised actually, because for some reason I thought an ‘Anna’ apple was kinda golden in colour.

Clearly that’s not the case, because it’s turning red! A quick google image search tells me that this red blush is approaching the colour of a ripe Anna. It will spread a bit more and turn a deeper red, but I think I’m about 2-3 weeks away from apple-y goodness.

Also close to ready are my bird’s eye chillis. I don’t actually know the variety, because they were a gift from Sarah of Kitchen Adventures, but they are a seriously tough plant. It over-wintered easily and continues to be amazingly productive.

If anyone is interested in some seeds, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you some once I get a ripe chilli.