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A (substantially) home-grown meal

6 Dec

Today my friend Sarah came round, so we harvested some stuff.

Black zucchini, lazy housewife beans, carrots and these little baby onions that eventually formed from some shallots that I’d long given up on. When combined with some of the new potatoes I harvested the other day, they made quite a beautiful medley of spring vegetables.

I trimmed and prepared them all, added a little red capsicum and…

Now’s where I should leave it for you to imagine I whipped up something amazing with healthy-sounding ingredients like tamari, quinoa or miso, right?

In reality I threw them into a Japanese curry, made with S & B ‘Golden Curry’ instant curry roux.

And the kids gobbled it up!

I’m not gonna post a picture of the curry, because it doesn’t matter how good it tastes or how handy you are with a camera – japanese curry cannot be made to look good.