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Flowers but no fruit – too cold for passionfruit?

15 Jan

I won’t whine about the weather… I won’t whine about the weather…

We had a few days of sunshine and we’re winning the cricket. Life is grand.

My passionfruit vines are a year old now. I planted grafted Nellie Kelly black and panama gold vines next to each other and I finally have flowers.

Flowers, but no fruit.

After searching (fruitlessly, hehe) for a solution, I’ve concluded that whoever cracks this nut will be the hero of thousands of backyard passionfruit growers everywhere. Forum upon forum, hundreds of people have the same problem.

Flowers but no fruit.

I am normally appreciative of the good folk at Gardening Australia, but on this one they have failed to come up with the goods. In fact their patronising responses mock me.


I have plenty of bees, ants, and beetles. Heck, a few of my chickens flew past before they had their wings clipped – I have pollinators galore. I’ve even hand pollinated a few flowers just to prove my point, but the flowers still drop.

I’ve fertilised with dynamic lifter, with potash. The rootstock hasn’t suckered – the graftline is clear and healthy.

I’ve run out of ideas. I think I will just blame the weather. I think it’s just too cold and wet.

Any ideas would be gratefully received.