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The perils of kitchen gardening

15 Feb

I’m not the easily-grossed-out type. I once thumbed through my travel photos and discovered a cockroach in one of my Parisian meals. I expected snails (they were on the menu), but the cockroach was novel. I laughed it off as extra protein and moved on with my life.

I was reasonably well organised this evening and had dinner timed for when P walked in the door. I gave my bacon and vegetable casserole a final stir before thickening, and discovered this.

I suspect the problem was the handful of parsley I washed as a bunch rather than as individual stalks. I was in a hurry.

So, spot quiz people – what would you have done?

A. Ordered a pizza

B. Plucked it out pretended it never happened

C. Called it “Casserole de la Caterpillar”?

D. Hidden it in one of the servings and asked each family member how much they love you?

I went B.

But I didn’t enjoy my dinner.