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Tuesday Night Vego – Linda’s Bean Burgers with Liz’s Bread and Butter Cucumbers

28 Feb

I used to write well. The humanities were my strength in high school, then after years of technical writing I realised that I could no longer string a sentence of prose together. I started blogging because I needed writing practice – I put little thought into who would  be reading. It didn’t take me long to discover though that blogging is all about community. About building relationships and sharing ideas. I have learned more about gardening over the last year than I imagined was possible, and it’s all thanks to the posts of others and the comments made on my rookie efforts. I am so grateful.

Joining in on things like Linda’s Tuesday Night Vego challenge has also helped me be more disciplined and committed to my family’s healthy eating. Tonight I used Linda’s second recipe in the Vego challenge – her Bean Burgers.

I made some wholegrain burger buns quickly this evening. One benefit of making sandwich bread daily is that you get very practiced at it, and it’s easy to whip up some dinner rolls within  a couple of hours because you don’t have to slave over a recipe. All up it probably only takes 10 minutes of actual intervention – the rest is rising and kneading time (which I do in machine).

I was a bit short of salad ingredients (all my lettuce has bolted) so I bulked up the burgers with Liz’s Bread and Butter cucumbers. These are the best pickles I have ever tasted – do yourself a favour and make some immediately before the cucumber season is over.

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