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I think I might actually be a bogan

1 Mar

I must confess to enjoying a bit of anonymous bogan-bashing. There’s something about Kath & Kim and that amuses me.

Pointing out all the obvious ‘bogan tendencies’ like mis-spelling their baby names, watching Today Tonight or placing old furniture in the front yard – I know it’s mean, but it’s not picking on specific people, so no harm done right?

Tee hee hee – that anonymous person on an internet forum called their daughter Clowee!  Aren’t I so superior?

But then I had a little self-reflective moment. You know, the type that happens when the kids are asleep or you are in the toilet alone? Hasn’t actually happened for a while.

And I realised.

I like lots of stuff that bogans like.

It’s just that every time I think of one, I think to myself – I’m such a bogan, haha! and dismiss it.

But it’s happened a lot – I’m starting to compile a list.

I think I might actually be one.

I think that once again, I’m turning into the person I used to mock. And it actually ain’t half bad.  Ain’t – hee hee, I’m such a bogan.

So I think I’m going to start a series of posts called Bogan Stuff I Love because I have so much awesome stuff to share with you guys. It will be cathartic. And it’ll make everyone else feel better about themselves.

I’m going to kick it off today with:

Instant Coffee

Everyone with a shred of culture loves a good espresso. They can name their favourite cafe, discuss roasting techniques, revel in their single origin.

I like Moccona.

If I go to a cafe, I’ll order a latte, and most of the time I’ll actually enjoy it.

But I’d be equally as happy with instant.

All my friends are into Nespresso. I think it tastes pretty good, but at close to $1 a pop, I’ll take my Moccona thanks.

I know- I’m a heathen. There’s no comparing real coffee to Moccona!

That’s true, but I don’t care about ‘real coffee’. I like to drink Moccona.

Maybe they should stop calling it instant ‘coffee’. Then bogans like me won’t get a complex.

So, anyone else out there willing to own up to liking instant?