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My nomination for housewife of the year

6 Mar

Today was one of those days. My pregnancy is advancing and I’m sleeping less soundly. I’m feeling more tired in the mornings than I was even as I went to bed the night before. Yet I’m trying to keep the kids’ routines going as well as managing the house and garden, working 2 days a week and a few other church commitments. I enjoy all of it, but it is getting harder.

Today I had J’s swimming lessons in the morning and an obstetrician appointment in the afternoon.

Should have been manageable, but it wasn’t.

I made it to both commitments (barely), but I must have looked like a bit of a mess to the obstetrician. As I was leaving, he actually said to me “I can organise with the hospital for you to have a few days break, you know”. Great. I thought I was at least appearing to hold myself together. I mumbled hastly that I’d be OK and slinked out of the consulting rooms before I burst into tears.

Then I got home and took a look around the house. This is what it looked like.

The kitchen hadn’t been touched since our dinner guests left last night. Yes, that is a piece of roast chicken still sitting on a meat tray. And many dirty dishes, and breakfast spreads still open on the bench, and a gas cylinder next to the stove (don’t ask!).

And if I turn around, I see:

The kids’ breakfast bowls still half full of weetbix remnants.

And the playroom, covered in toys with the kids glued to the tv, turning into square-eyes.

So I called P at work and warned him that I wasn’t coping very well and that the house was beyond disgraceful. He very graciously left work immediately, came straight home and cleaned up the house for me.

You see, I really have nothing to complain about. My husband is wonderful, my kids are actually very well behaved, I have wonderful family and friends, and most importantly a God who loves me.

But sometimes, you just get tired.

No Tuesday Night Vego from me this week. We did eat vegetarian, but I don’t think fusilli arrabbiata counts.

I promise to pull myself together to show you some exciting garden developments tomorrow.