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Easter Eggs, somewhat scrambled

10 Apr

We went away for the Easter long weekend. We attended the Katoomba Easter Convention, and stayed with some lovely friends in a beautiful cozy house.

Attending the convention for the past 2 years has been a wonderful way to celebrate Easter – reflecting on God’s love for us in sending his Son to die in our place. I feel refreshed and encouraged. The kids had their fair share of chocolate, but it’s good to take the focus away from eggs and bunnies.

Back at home we left the chooks with plenty of food and filled many large tubs of water. After that we just locked them in the coop and hoped for the best. We arrived home late last night after being away since Thursday, and I sent P out immedately to check on the girls. The first thing he noticed was that the coop door was open. Not a good sign, but they appeared to all be fine and accounted for.

So this morning Little D and I went out to collect the eggs. 15 all up, so I think we must have a third layer (at least). Unfortunately 15 eggs in a basket was a bit much for Little D to handle reliably, so a couple ended up cracked by over-enthusiasm. I guess they will have to go into dinner somehow.

There is very little consistency in the size of the eggs. The new layers are producing small eggs in the realms of 45 grams, and someone is producing 80 gram whoppers. The 80 gram eggs do not even fit in cartons properly.

And this afternoon D left the back screen door open. The chooks are so sociable that they actually run to get in when given the opportunity.

I thought I heard some brocking a little bit closer than normal and I turned around to see this sight. The difficult job is herding them out again without them pooing on the floor.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I have a lot of posts and comments to catch up on.