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Harvest Monday – 16th April 2012

16 Apr

We were away for Easter last Monday, and probably a good thing too – I’m not harvesting much at the moment.

4 Stalks of Celery

I have a steady supply of celery that I use as needed – I’ve harvested several stalks this week. They go well with the carrots I still have stored in the fridge from the great garden clear-out. I can’t wait until the new batch come to maturity, because I’m going through the carrots quickly.

420g Green dwarf beans

The new patch of dwarf beans are in full production now – I started picking during the week.  My friend Sarah and her husband came round for dinner and she picked 370grams for me to cook tonight. The image on the left is from earlier in the year, but the beans look the same, in about the same quantity.

I pulled out the previous batch after the pest control incident, and they were still quite heavily loaded with pods – such a shame to waste. I think green beans and celery may need to fill the gap between now and winter veggies. I probably need to get some more asian greens in too.

2 Capsicum

The majority of the capsicums have been rotting as they turn red. I think it is fruit fly again. Hopefully the weather is sufficiently cool now that the remaining fruit will escape. I may need to start harvesting green from this point onwards. This week I harvested one red one that I needed to peel because it got covered in white oil that I was spraying on the lemon tree foliage. Maybe that’s why it escaped the fruit fly, but the oily coating wasn’t going to taste very nice. I used it in a stir fry on Saturday night.

6 Chillies

J volunteered to pick the ripe chillies. She did a good job of stripping the plant, but I haven’t seen them since. I assume she didn’t eat 6 bird’s eye chillies, so they must be hidden somewhere around the house.

30 Eggs

To be honest I lost count of the egg tally this week. It actually covered close 2 weeks production though, because we collected the eggs after Easter that had been laid while we were away. We certainly haven’t hit full capacity – between 3 and 4 eggs per day on average – and we are eating them as fast as they come in.

I hope everyone else is enjoying bumper crops, particularly those in the Northern hemisphere who have just come out of Winter. Head over the Daphne’s blog to read about harvests all over the world this week.