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The nagging wife is vindicated

18 Apr

I’ve been on a crusade lately to get my husband P to take better care of himself. There was the strict diet early this year and recently I’ve been on his case to get various medical checkups to ensure that his hectic lifestyle isn’t taking too much of a toll on his health.

So he went to the dentist and the doctor – all good, except he needs to do more exercise and take a holiday some time. I can handle that – Fiji, maybe? Might have a bit more convincing to do there 🙂

Then just before Easter I dragged both of us off to the skin cancer clinic to get our skin examined for the first time.

Long story short, P had skin cancer.

Made for a nervous wait over the Easter break, but thankfully not melanoma – a squamous cell carcinoma. Funny thing is, nothing about the particular spot raised any suspicion with us, and without a check up, it may have gone years without being detected. By then it could have been far more serious.

They have now removed a significant chunk out of the side of his face and I’m feeling very thankful that my Dad encouraged me to go get my skin checked.

So everyone – particularly other Aussies – please get your skin checked. P is only 32 and I thought we had years before we needed to worry about this stuff.