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Harvest Monday – April 30th 2012

30 Apr

Another light week harvest-wise. A have a few things that are close to harvest, but still quite a bit that is a long way off.

1.6kg Dwarf Bush Beans

The bush beans probably hit maximum production this week. I harvested 1.6kg of them, which is more than even I can use but I was afraid that production would slow if I didn’t keep picking. I plan to make a version of my favourite (extremely bogan) side dish with some of these, but the rest I gave away to friends.

330g kipfler potatoes

These were the under-whelming yield from a potato growing bag that I turned out today. The better ones are on the top. The sadder looking ones I hid underneath in the picture above.

1 bunch of Celery

I harvested a whole bunch of celery this week from my celery forest. I made some cream of celery soup with it on Thursday night. I’d forgotten how delicious cream of celery soup can be.

Iceberg lettuce

I’ve been cheekily stealing the outer leaves of the young iceberg lettuce for sandwiches and hoping that it won’t stop it forming heads. I guess we’ll see.

1 Strawberry

I’ve found that some of my strawberry plants are fruiting again. I noticed an almost ripe one this morning and couldn’t resist eating it. I’ll probably get a few more before the cold weather stops them in their tracks.

Next week I’m really hoping that some of my passionfruit will have ripened. They seem to be taking forever.

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