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What’s eating my avocado?

8 May

Been a bit slack with the posting lately. Bit over 2 weeks to go till my due date and I’ve been busy willing my waters to break using purely the powers of my mind.

My Monday harvest fell to the wayside because I forgot a family dinner and had to rush off for the evening, which was probably a good thing considering I hadn’t picked much more than a single tomato, some celery and herbs.

Today I’m posting only with a question – what the heck is eating my avocado leaves? Whatever it is is both persistent and good at camouflage – I’ve never seen any sign of anything on there, yet it is systematically skeletonising the tree. It’s not a fast process – new leaves seem to be safe up to a point, then they succumb as well. I’m banking on at least one avocado this year, so I need to ket this blighter under control, and pronto!

Actually I lie – I once found this guy on there, but it was only once, and I haven’t seen him since despite continued munching and the pest controller spraying in the vicinity.

I’m getting desperate – any suggestions?