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It’s a boy!

2 Jun

As you probably guessed by my absence, I am thrilled to report the birth of baby number 3 – a boy! Tobias Henry (hereafter Baby T) made his entrance last week after a short and cruisy labour.

I’d been in hospital for a few days prior due to pelvic instability, so he was induced in the end because the issues were not going to resolve themselves until he was born. I put the epidural up there with the wheel and the lightbulb on the league table of best inventions ever.

Both sets of grandparents very graciously cared for J and D. Dad kept an eye on the garden, and there is already much to harvest – my hungry gap is coming to an end! The late Autumn garden is looking pretty wonderful actually, with asian greens, lettuce, silverbeet, tomatoes (hooray!), chokos, apples and several others providing us with many fresh options for quick and nutritious meals while juggling a newborn. ┬áLuckily I haven’t had to cook much – some wonderful friends and family have provided a lot of delicious meals. A huge blessing, particularly with D’s dietary restrictions.

Hopefully the little guy won’t keep me too busy to make it outside regularly, although it has been very chilly out there already – I probably want to hibernate for a while anyway.

I hope to back on board now – despite having my hands very full I’ve missed writing and interacting with everyone in blogland. Sorry I’m so behind with reading and commenting too – I’ll try to catch up soon.