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Sticking with a good thing – Blueberries in Sydney

10 Jun

After last year’s roaring success with my 2 Nellie Kelly blueberries, I concluded that I really had to expand my collection. So when Daley’s announced a ‘buy 3 and get one free’ special on blueberries, I really couldn’t resist.

I ordered 4 different varieties – Misty, Brightwell, Biloxi and Legacy. These will join my two Nellie Kelly (Sunshine Blue variety) plants, bringing my total to six.

I am hoping that by having a number of different types it will extend my harvesting season.  I have also read that having multiple varieties improves the yield on each plant. I can’t say I was having much trouble on that front, because it looked to me like almost every flower yielded fruit, but I guess more cross-pollination can’t hurt.

Being no blueberry expert, I will stick with my tried and tested formula for success with my other 2 plants:

  • Self-watering pot
  • Azalea potting mix (more acidic)
  • Occasional feed with dynamic lifter
  • Mulched well

I’ve recently moved the blueberries to the front yard where they will get full sun instead of half-shade, but I can only imagine that that is a positive thing.

Now to find some self-watering pots of the right size to plant them in.  And I’m also keen to try propagating some more plants from cuttings, but I’ve heard that that is easier said than done. I love a challenge.