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Harvest Monday – 16 July 2012

16 Jul

Another week of winter gone and we creep further and further towards spring. It actually feels like it is almost here – this week we have almost continuous sunshine forecast, and today we reached 20 degrees celcius.

This week was another pleasing one for harvests.

The kids with Tuesday’s pickings

I’ll start with my gloat about tomatoes.

2.4 kilograms of tomatoes

I picked 2.4 kilos of usable tomatoes this week. There were plenty more with bug (or something else) damage that went to the chooks. I picked 1.5 kilos yesterday alone, and I reckon if I can harvest 1.5 kilos in the dead middle of winter, then maybe I’ll need to declare them a winter crop in my garden, well away from summer when the fruit fly make me cry.

I actually gave most of them away. I’m seriously considering bottling them seeing as I’ve just run out of the tomatoes I bottled over summer.

270g (4) Apples and 250g (3 stalks) Rhubarb

I picked the last 4 of my apples on Tuesday. I used them along with 250g rhubarb in an apple and rhubarb crumble.

255g Swede (trimmed weight)

Used in minestrone

9 Carrots

Used in minestrone and and Liz’s Caldo Verde.

2 bunches Coriander

Used in a salad and gave one bunch to a friend.

2 Daikon

These are getting really long now, although occasionally I hit one that is shorter and fatter. I gave these ones away to a friend.

1 Chilli

This is the first ‘Tobago Seasoning’ chilli from a plant I grew from seed. It is mild when de-seeded, and hot (but not excessively so) with the seeds left in. I grew these with the intention of stuffing them with marscapone like the type you see in delis, but it was really slow to grow. Now the plant is loaded with small fruit in the dread of winter. I’ll transplant the plant back into the garden bed once the weather warms up and hopefully I’ll have a bumper crop over the summer.

4 sticks of Celery and 260g Kale

Used in the minestrone and the Caldo Verde.

A bowlful of Popping Cress and Wild Rocket (Wild Arugula)

Used in a weed salad I made yesterday.

3 stalks Silverbeet

Used in a warm roasted vegetable, chorizo and silverbeet salad with a spicy thyme and sumac dressing.

2 Bay leaves

In the Caldo Verde.

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