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Monday Harvest – 23 July 2012

23 Jul

Another good week for harvests. I might start with something that I mostly harvested:

3/4 Cabbage (500g) 

Something has been eating my cabbage. Not sure what it is, but it’s certainly not an insect. Possum maybe? After I trimmed the cabbage of all its outer leaves and munched bits, there was about 500g left.

Green Onions

This week I harvested 2 of my immature onions that were yet to form bulbs. They were used in stir fries.

4 Carrots

Used in a soup tonight.

3 stalks Celery

In soup tonight and another dish during the week.

4 leaves Silverbeet

Used in Saturday’s lunch – a pasta dish with roasted beef fillet.

Bowl of Broccoli Sprouts

The broccoli I grew this year was a sprouting type that doesn’t form a head. I’ve been trimming sprouts as required, and I used a whole bowlful in Friday’s dinner, a Hokkein noodle stir fry.

A few leaves of Basil

Used in a tomato salad on Tuesday.

2 Bay Leaves

In tonight’s soup and another dish during the week (that I can’t remember). I use bay leaves regularly but always fail to account for them in these posts. My little bay tree is somewhat stunted at the moment because I keep ‘harvesting’ too regularly.

1 Lettuce

I used this in a salad during the week.

2.1 kilos Tomatoes

The tomatoes are still producing. They are slowing though, so I worry that I’m going to have a major gap between this crop and the summer one. My seeds arrived from Eden Seeds today, so I’ll get the summer tomatoes sown really soon.

I hope everyone else has had a productive garden this week. For more interesting things people have been harvesting around the world visit Daphne’s Dandelions.