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Tuesday Night Vego – Chilli with Tortilla Chips

7 Aug

No specific recipe here because I bungled my way through it, adding a bit of this and a bit of that. Here’s a general description:

Fry a very large onion (diced) with some added brown sugar in vegetable oil over low heat until golden and soft.

Add 2 cups or so of diced fresh tomatoes (or canned crushed tomatoes), a few tablespoons of tomato paste and a cup of water.

Add 4 cups of cooked (or canned) beans. I started with dried red kidney beans, black turtle beans, chickpeas and red lentils then gave them 20 minutes in the pressure cooker. The lentils were obliterated but add thickness to the dish and the larger beans were cooked perfectly.

Add spices – cumin (more than a tablespoon because I like it), a good shake of ground coriander seed and smoked paprika, a little ground cinnamon, salt and pepper to taste. A generous amount of chilli if you don’t have wussy children. I left the chilli out and added jalapenos to my serving.

Add a can of corn kernals and some diced mushrooms and heat through.

Serve with tortilla chips – I made these by cutting tortillas into wedges, coating with canola spread, garlic and a little salt. Bake at 200 degrees for a few minutes.

I also served with sour cream, avocado, jalapenos and grated cheese.

If you multitask you can achieve this in the 30 minute limit governed by the Tuesday Night Vego Challenge. I was a bit less focussed.