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End of season for winter tomatoes

17 Aug

Last week we had a cold snap in Sydney. My highly productive tomatoes suddenly withered and went brown and crunchy.

Luckily the growing tips of the plants seemed mostly ok.

So I took some cuttings of these to re-plant.

I put the cuttings into some water, and they will soon sprout roots.

At this time I’ll replant them into the garden, and they should provide me with fruit through spring and early summer when my Summer tomatoes are not yet mature.

This process is described very throughly by Jodi. That’s how I learned this method, and it works!

I managed to save one plant, but the rest came out entirely. I planted out some of my overwintered capsicums and chillies, optimistically declaring that the worst of winter is behind us. I cut them back savagely, and they should reshoot when the weather warms a bit more.

Although I’m not completely sure they all survived the overwintering…