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Harvest Monday – 27th August 2012

27 Aug

Warming weather has meant that the garden (and weeds) are growing quickly. I’m having to be more active outside these days to keep on top of it, although I’ll be glad when the creeping oxalis (soursop) goes dormant and I can stop chasing it for the time being.

2kg peas

I harvested the last of the shelling peas. After shelling they yielded about 900g of peas. Some went with some meatloaf during the week, and the rest went into the freezer.

3 baby leeks

The leeks are taking forever and I’d like the space for summer plantings so I harvested 3 small leeks this week for use in an asparagus and smoked salmon quiche.

2 sprigs dill

Also in the quiche.

2 asparagus spears

The asparagus is putting out lots of new spears, so the coming week will bring the biggest harvest. I combined one of these with the ones I harvested last week and used them in the quiche, which was seriously delicious.


Bowl of baby spinach

Into a salad that I served with the quiche.

25 peppermint leaves

I harvested the first of the peppermint leaves from my new plant. I put them into some tea, but realised upon drinking that you need far more than 25 leaves to a pot. It was very slightly minty hot water.

Bunch of oregano

The oregano has sprung back from winter much faster than the other herbs. I used this in a garlic chicken and chorizo casserole.

Bunch of celery

Normally I harvest the celery on a ‘cut and come again’ basis, but this week I harvested a whole bunch for a batch of cream of celery soup. The soup benefits from using the sweeter inner stalks, and it was delicious.

4 spring onions

I used these in some chicken and sweet corn soup and also in a pasta salad today.

1 bunch silverbeet

I found a recipe that the kids would eat silverbeet in! This large bunch went into Chickpeas with chorizo and silverbeet.

Luckily this little guy survived the shredding of the silverbeet and was noticed before being added to the pot.

Well that’s all for me this week. For more harvests – in Australia and the other side of the world, I’m linking up with Daphne. Go pay her a visit.