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How much do I trust the neighbourhood?

2 Sep

The blueberries look like they are going to have a stellar season.

Not sure if the new plants helped, but practically every flower is setting fruit, and the second-year Nelly Kellie blueberries are loaded with fruit and flowers.

I was showing my friend Robyn the plants the other day, and she starting calculating the value of the fruit on each plant. I think I have a punnet of organic blueberries on each little branch of this plant.

And several on this branch.

Let’s say conservatively that organic blueberries are $5 a punnet – I think each of my Nelly Kellies might be holding upwards of $100 in fruit in addition to the value of the plant itself.

So far they haven’t looked too blueberry-like with their pretty white flowers, but at some point it’s going to become pretty obvious that these bushes represent significant value, and are ‘ripe for the picking’ (so to speak).

So if you were me, would you be taking them around to the backyard sometime soon, or should I have more faith in people?