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Harvest Monday – 3rd September 2012

3 Sep

The hungry gap has almost hit. Having pulled out the peas, tomatoes and root veggies lately there are large gaps where I have planted new season veggies that won’t be harvested for at least a couple of months. This week I planted out some snow peas and okra (way too early for the okra, I’m sure) and the new monster-sized carrot patch has germinated nicely. I have also started pre-germinating parsnip seeds and transferring the germinated ones into individual toilet rolls for transplanting later on.

Spring onions and asparagus have made up the bulk of my harvests this week. Just little bits here and there for use throughout the week.

10 spring onions

Used in various dishes, including the Vegetarian Pad See Ew and a dish of soba noodles, salmon and edamame. The edamame came from my massive edamame harvest earlier in the year. I froze them for use in dishes like this.

1 stalk celery

I used some celery and spring onion in a potato salad for our Father’s Day BBQ with P’s family.

7 asparagus spears

The asparagus is still powering along, although 2 of the 5 crowns don’t seem to have woken from winter. I think maybe they have died because the other 3 have produced several spears each already. The asparagus went into the pad see ew, and also a vegetarian Thai green curry.

Bowl of tuscan kale

This is running to seed so I’m using it as fast as I can. This was spectacular in the pad see ew – I must remember how good kale is in stir fries.

Bowl of mixed salad leaves

During the week I made a potato-topped root vegetable and bacon pie with the remaining root veggies that I harvested a couple of weeks ago. With it I served a salad that included baby spinach, beetroot leaf and iceberg and green oak lettuce.

That’s it for this week. If you have a few minutes head over to Daphne’s to see what others are harvesting.