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Harvest Monday – 10th and 17th September 2012

17 Sep

I was out of action last week, so exhausted by toilet training a 2 year old that all I could do was sit on a couch and stare at the wall. So today I need to cover 2 weeks of harvests.

17 Asparagus

The asparagus has been regular but I need to stop cutting it soon because the crowns are still fairly young. I’m having difficulty controlling myself because it’s so delicious.

The asparagus has gone into many dishes, such as grilled with a hot breaksfast, chicken and asparagus risotto, and a fritatta I made for lunch today.

Most of the spears have been of average size, but the purple asparagus crown (more established than the others) has been producing monster spears.

4 Spring Onions

Spring onions are picked on demand and used on a moment’s notice. I’m absolutely loving having them in the garden. They are starting to look quite fat, and hope that they will eventually form bulbs.

A few bowlfuls of tuscan kale

The kale is lovely. My 2 plants are bolting now, and I’m letting the largest one flower so I can save seed from it. I’m harvesting from the little plant freely – the flower heads are particularly delicious.

1.5 kilograms silverbeet

I have harvested a monster amount of silverbeet this week. I made a double batch of mushroom and silverbeet lasagne as recommended by Barbara, but I made mine much higher fat that she did.

1 cabbage

The cabbage weighed a bit over a kilo after was stripped of outer leaves and its slug population. I used it in a very ordinary batch of okonomiyaki.

2 celery sticks

Celery is another crop that I love to just pop out and cut when needed. Today I harvested a stick to cut up to dip in some french onion dip that I made (from real onions!)

Bay leaf

Went into a cauliflower soup – here’s a tip for young players – remove the bay leaf before blending the soup. D’oh! More fibre I guess.

Lots of mixed salad leaves + coriander

I have quite a bit of salad green in the garden at the moment. I harvested quite a bit of green oak lettuce, some baby spinach and some tatsoi. I made a caesar-ish salad on Sunday and I also made some fish tacos last week with some coriander.

1 tomato

The last stupice tomato plant is starting to produce. I used a tomato in the caeser salad.

1 Mulberry

The mulberries are just starting to ripen, and the crop is enormous for such a little tree. I picked the first fruit and then lost it somewhere. I hope I didn’t put it in a pocket or something!

2 Strawberries

The first of the strawberries are on the smaller side, but taste good!

Large bowl baby beets

I harvested these and roasted them for a warm pasta dish of fetta, beetroot leaves and pine nuts.

Well that’s all for my fortnight. I hope everyone else’s gardens have been productive. I’m sure Daphne has been busy this week too – if you have a chance, head over and see what other people have been picking from their gardens right across the world.