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Harvest Monday – 24th September 2012

24 Sep

Short post this week. I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken many photos.

A handful of Blueberries and 8 Strawberries

The first of the blueberries and strawberries are ripening. From this point forward I think I’ll have enough for garden snacks and regular smoothies. Just like this week, where I combined a banana with the first few tiny strawberries and a few blueberries. Add milk, yoghurt and honey – delicious!

A few bowls of Tuscan Kale (and its flower stalks) I am so in love with tuscan kale. At the start of winter I’m ashamed to say I had never even tried it. Now I won’t be without it again. Today we had it in a stirfry for lunch and tonight I served it alongside chicken thighs with green peppercorn sauce and mashed potato.

10 Curry Leaves

I used these in butter chicken during the week.

4 Celery stalks

Used in a pasta salad for playgroup, some Bolognese last night and the leaves in the butter chicken. I substituted them for fenugreek leaves. Having never tried fenugreek leaves I’m not sure it it was a fair substitute, but it tasted good.

4 Spring Onions

I am enjoying having these in the garden, but many of them are starting to bulb up now. I should probably plant a new batch to ensure supply. This variety (Hunter River Brown) is fabulous as a spring onion and I hope it lives up to its reputation as a good brown onion too, because I have hundreds of them!

Asparagus – none!

I displayed amazing self-control and didn’t cut any more of the asparagus despite it producing prolifically. I want it to continue to put energy into establishing the crowns and next year I’ll cut for longer.

Hopefully next week will bring more berries and leafy stuff. The rest is a little way off. Hopefully Daphne has had more variety to harvest than I have.