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A great summer for chillies

16 Jan

With all that rain last year I struggled with chillies, but this year it has been hotter and the plants are thriving.

My Tobago Seasoning chillies are prolific and much hotter than last year. Who needs a Christmas tree when you have gorgeous ornaments like these?

Jan 16DSC_6577

Most of the chillies are habanero-esque like last year,

Jan 16DSC_6583

While others look more like Liz’s scotch bonnet (or bishop’s crown).

Jan 16DSC_6582

My old faithful bird’s eye is going through its green-black-red sequence

Jan 16DSC_6596

Jan 16DSC_6595

The jalapenos are producing amazingly well and my long red thai chillies (retrieved from my restaurant curry) are starting to produce now.

Jan 16DSC_6589

Also enjoying the heat are the lebanese eggplants, which are approaching first harvest rapidly.

Jan 16DSC_6591


And I’m happy to report that the fruit fly have been far less destructive this year, although number are increasing now.

Happy Summer everyone! Hope you are enjoying the tennis 🙂