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An update

7 Aug

This year has flown past, and although I always think I’m busy, this year has brought busyness  to a whole new level. To complicate things further we went and bought ourselves a very naughty dog, too!


So I decided that I should probably actually look after my family rather than blogging about pretending to.

I always struggle to half-commit to anything, so when I let something go, I tend to drop it entirely. But the problem is, I do actually miss blogging, and (particularly this winter), I’ve found lots to write about.

J started kindergarten in January and recently lost her first tooth.


Baby T has grown up considerably


And I have a winter tomato glut as usual, but it will be my only one of the year -I’m giving up on tomatoes in Summer – fruit fry is breaking my heart 😦

And it’s mid-winter in Sydney and we still have cabbage moths and stink bugs on the citrus trees – crazy!