Our block

We have a lot of house, and not much dirt. I’m trying to make the most of the little bit I do have. Hopefully this diagram will help make sense of the positions of things.

You can see that our backyard is pretty tiny, and the huge lilli pilli tree along the North-west fence shades a large portion of what I do have.

Bed A (Raised) – Veggies

Bed B – Green manure in winter,  veggies insummer. Also rhubarb.

Bed C – Whoops!

Bed D (Raised) – veggies

Bed E (Raised)- various veggies

Bed F (Raised)- Most of this bed is in full shade through the winter. Currently full of Japanese pumpkins that are sprawling onto the lawn.

Bed G – My banana tree and other seasonal veggies.

Bed H – Passionfruit and seasonal veggies

Shadehouse – now converted into a chicken coop!

Fruit Trees Bed – Black Mulberry, Dwarf satsuma mandarin, dwarf navelina orange, 3 dwarf apples.

Rose Bed – under discussion – I hate maintaining it – do we keep it?

13 Responses to “Our block”

  1. See My Footprints March 14, 2012 at 1:29 am #

    It’s a good way to plan it out. Also we found that with the (silly) position of the house, the only benefit was that we get more growing space out the front in summer. So we may have to have some beds at are ‘resting’ in winter, but we can go nuts with them in summer 🙂

    Good luck! eta… yes, I would do away with the roses. Perhaps keep one or two… maybe keep some in pots… that kinda thing?

    What’s the possibility for your verge/nature strip? Maybe a pumpkin might just happen to ‘self seed’ itself there? 😉


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